Bridge Classifications

Bridge signs were usually a 9" yellow disc with black numbering. Sometimes a black disc was used with the number outlined in yellow. The correct shade of yellow is 356 (previously No56) Golden Yellow from BS381-C.

Examples of signs, the first has a weight classification of 5 tons the second is for a towing vehicle of 18 tons with a combined load of 50 tons.

5 ton bridge classification plate 50 / 18 ton bridge classification plate

As with all Army regulations, rules were not always followed and lists were often revised.

The following list was published in 1943.

Achilles 17pdr30
Sexton 25pdr27
Archer 17pdr17
Priest 105mm24
M12 155mm27
Crusader AA21
Morris Bofors7
M5 halftrack8
Lloyd/Windsor carrier5
Universal carrier5
Daimler a/c9
Humber a/c9
AEC a/c14
Staghound a/c15
Coventry a/c12
Morris recce3
Humber recce3
Jeep 1/4ton3
Daimler Dingo4
Humber Scout5
GM Otter5
White truck5
Scammell SV/2S recovery12
Ward la France recovery14
Mack LMSW recovery13
Guy 3t 6w recovery11
Diamond T 969 recovery12
Ford 3t recovery5
AEC 6x6 armd20
Brockway 800gal9
Brockway 1600gal14
Mack NM517
Albion CX22S12
AEC Matador12
Diamond T M2018
Guy quad6
Bedford fwd8
Scammell R10014
Humber ambulance3
Austin K24
car 2-3 seats1
car 2-7 seats2-3
truck 8cwt2
truck 15cwt5
truck 30cwt6
truck 2.1/2t7-8
lorry 3t7-9
lorry 4t11
lorry 5t12-14
lorry 6t16-17
lorry 10t19-21
trailer 15cwt2
trailer 1t3
generator 2w 3t3
trailer 4w 5t8
trailer 10t14
Albion CX22/3.7" AA22/12
AEC Matador/5.5"15/12
Scammell R100/7.2"24/14
Guy quad/25pdr8/6
Morris C8/17pdr7/6
Bedford fwd/Bofors AA10/8
Scammell 30t tank-tr50/18
Scammell 20t tank-tr36/18
Diamond T M20/40t 24w70/18
Ford F60T 3t semi13/5
Bedford OXC 1750gals12/2
Bedford QL 6t semi10/5