History of the CGT

Wartime manufacture of field artillery tractors ( or quads ) by British manufacturers fell short of requirements and approximately 5000 vehicles were built. Canadian manufacturing resources were called upon to supply the needs of the War Office. Chevrolet and Ford of Canada produced a series of quads based on the British design, both with similar bodies but with their own engines, transmission and running gear.

In all 22,891 CMP quads were produced between 1940 and 1945.

Production ran to six versions ;

FAT typeBody typeDesign
FAT-17A-1One piece body with No11 type cab front end.
FAT-27A-2One piece body with No12 type cab front end.
FAT-37B-1Separate rear body and No13 type cab with rear partition removed. Had barbed wire carrier on sloping roof. Ran on run-flat tyres and carried no spare. Limited production.
FAT-47B-2Separate rear body and No13 type cab with rear partition removed. Had pneumatic tyres and carried a spare on the sloping roof. Main series production vehicle.
FAT-57B-2Winterised version of FAT-4, down to -29 degC.
FAT-67B-3Dual purpose 25pdr and 17pdr. Square body to carry ammunition, did not need the limber.

An early Field Artillery Tractor undergoing trials.

early FAT undergoing trials

Photo courtesy of the National Archives of Canada (e000760272).