Lynx Scout Car History

Lynx Scout Car descending a steep slope

Photo courtesy of the National Archives of Canada.(e000761492)

The Lynx scout car was designed in 1941 and was based on the Daimler Scout Car (Dingo) which was also supplied to Canadian Forces. Production began in 1942 and by 1945 3,255 Lynxes were produced by Ford at Windsor, Ontario. The hulls were fabricated by the International Harvester Co., Hamilton, Ontario.

Ford I, Scout Car MkIII, Lynx 1. (Code SC-1).

Early models suffered from the rear mounted engine overheating and rear axle failures due to driving on rear wheels only. Later models after number 336 had a lightened roof and modified air intakes and became the Mark III*. It carried sand channels on the front.

Ford 2, Scout Car Lynx 2. (Code SC-2 or C29SR).

The folding armoured roof was replaced with a canvas roof as the Dingo was. It also had heavier duty axles and springs and had a smaller steering ratio than the Lynx 1. Sand channels were moved to the rear.

Operational Role ;

Used by Armd Car Regts, Armd Recce Regts, Armd Regts, Recce Regts, HQ Armd Divs and by RC Sigs in armoured formations.

Equipment carried ;

.303 Bren machine gun, .303 rifle and No 19 wireless set.
Armour thickness was - hull front : 30mm, sides : 12mm, rear : 12mm, roof : 6mm.

Lynx2 Specifications ;

Bridge classification5
Fording depth18"
Maximum speed50 mph
Fuel consumption9 mpg
Fuel tank capacity24 gals
EngineFord V8 petrol
Engine rating95 bhp @ 3600 rpm
Electrical system6V
Handbrakemechanical (rear wheels)
Footbrakehydraulic (all wheels)
Laden weight9370 lb
Turning circle47'
Ground clearance8"
Dimensions144" x 73" x 70"
Maintenance manualSC-F2
Parts bookFSC-02

A self-propelled gun version was built using a 2 pdr gun and shield firing forwards. We do not know how many were produced after the prototype.

Some pictures of the Lynx

Lynx Scout Car on production line - photo1 Lynx Scout Car on production line - photo2 Lynx Scout Car on production line - photo3

Photos are courtesy of the National Archives of Canada.(e000760755, e000760756 & e000760759)