Census Numbers

Canadian Army vehicles used the same census numbering system as the British with the addition of a C before the main type prefix letter.

All letters and numbers were 3.1/2" high and 2.1/2" wide (except figure '1').

Thickness of characters was 5/8".

Spacing between characters was 1/2".

Sizes were reduced on motorcycles to fit on the side of the petrol tank.

Lettering was usually white except for airborne forces who prefered to use light blue.

Vehicle typesprefix
Armoured & scout carsF
Tractors & breakdownsH
Trucks 1ton & overL
Cars & light utilitiesM
Self-propelled gunsS
Carriers & tanksT
Vans (RASC)V
Trailers all typesX
Trucks under 1tonZ